LOOK: Jon Gruden travels to Belarus to watch his son win powerlifting gold


Now here’s a kid that Jon Gruden loves. The “Monday Night Football” announcer traveled to Belarus for Father’s Day weekend to watch his son, Deuce, compete (and ultimately win) in the World Powerlifting Championships. Deuce, 23, was a football player at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and now coaches with Gruden’s brother (his uncle) Jay on the Washington Redskins‘ staff. Deuce is the assistant strength and conditioning coach on the Redskins’ staff.

Jon Gruden is a proud family man, and he spends all the time that he can with his wife and three sons when he isn’t commenting on Tom Brady’s pliability. He also had some words about his son and his trip after the medal ceremony:

“This has been such a memorable experience for our family. When Deuce qualified, we made the decision to travel to Minsk together to support him and to visit a place we’d never been. These championships feature so many great athletes and lifters from all over the world – some real competitors and grinders. To earn that medal and be the best is special. It doesn’t get any better than watching your son accomplish something like this.”

For someone that’s accomplished what Jon Gruden has himself, this is all very high praise. However, to a father, it isn’t surprising that his son’s achievements would be more important to him than his own, particularly considering the occasion.

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