Meet the MLB prospect who uses leather work gloves in place of batting gloves


You’ve probably never heard of Miami Marlins prospect Dalton Wheat.  For good reason, too. He’s a 23-year-old hitting .239/.357/.338 in the South Atlantic League, where the average player is roughly 18 months younger.

Yet there is something about Wheat worth knowing: he uses leather gloves when he’s hitting. Here’s the story, per the News & Record (hat tip Cut4):

“I loaned my buddy my pair of batting gloves,” Wheat says, “and the next day we were in separate hitting groups and I didn’t have any. I got a big blister on my hand, and I wasn’t just going to go bare-handed.”

Wheat’s pickup truck was parked nearby, and he rummaged around in the cab and found a pair of work gloves.

Wheat went out and had a good game and — because baseball players are a superstitious lot — has continued wearing the work gloves since. He’s probably not going to start a new craze, but hey, whatever works, right?

And who knows, if Wheat does keep hitting, he’ll probably have more teammates asking to borrow his new set of gloves. 

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